Fox Attack?

The biggest free agent the Yankees have is not a player, it is their manager, Joe Girardi. Girardi proved his value this year, somehow getting 85 wins from a club with more holes than a piece of swiss. He deserves a new contract, but the Yankees are going to face some competition for his services.

Now everyone is going to say that the Cubs managerial position is the biggest threat to Girardi leaving town, but I don’t think so. Yes, he is from that area and he played for the Cubs, but Girardi has a young family that loves living in Westchester and I have it on good authority that he doesn’t want to disrupt their lives. I would bet that if Girardi manages next year, he does it for the Yankees.

And that is a big “if” because Girardi could get an offer from Fox to take over the color commentary duties of Tim McCarver, who is retiring. Girardi was a broadcaster before, working for YES in 2004 and 2007. He wouldn’t make as much as he could managing, but he would obviously have a much, much easier job and he would be home a lot more than he is now. That could be the kiss of death for the Yankees chances at bringing him back. They can offer him a big deal, but Girardi is smart enough to know that one day his Yankees run will end while as the lead baseball analyst, he could be looking at 25 years of job security.

So, if I am the Yankees, I make a big offer and I make it right now.