Goodbye Again

The reports all over the internet say that Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement later today. Pettitte is scheduled to make two more starts, one at home this Sunday and one next weekend in Houston. That means he will close his career pitching in the only two baseball homes he has ever known. His last start at home will also coincide with the day the Yankees have chosen to honor Mariano Rivera.

I wrote about Andy in detail when he retired back in 2011 and I don’t think I can do it better now. As for 2014, I think this is actually a good thing for the Yankees. Andy has done a solid job this year, but the Yankees have to break their dependence on older players.

I imagine plenty of reporters will now connect the retirements of Mo and Pettitte to Jeter and speculate that he is going to hang them up as well. I would bet almost anything against that. Jeter will be back next year unless a doctor tells him he can’t physically play anymore. He has a player option and I see no reason why he wouldn’t exercise it.

The one major downside to this news is that it will put more pressure on the Yankees to overpay Robinson Cano. We can get into the wisdom of paying Cano later, but for now let’s just all agree that a 10-year/$200 million deal would be insane.