A Horrible Weekend

Let me start with the Mariano tribute. There was the part shown on ESPN and the part you could only see online. I would like to talk about the part online which I thought was in poor taste. Yes, Mariano blew the save in Game 4 of the ALCS, but if you are honoring him is that the time to bring it up? Did we really need to see Kevin Millar, Bill Mueller and Dave Roberts walk us through that again? If the Red Sox didn’t want to honor Mariano, I can’t blame them, but don’t put on a ceremony and then bring up one of his bigger failures. If the Giants ever decided to honor Tom Brady, I hope they wouldn’t show highlights of the Super Bowls the two teams have played to date. The rest of it was nice, but the first part really struck me as off key.

As for the baseball itself there isn’t much to say beyond that they lost to a better team. Boston is playing great baseball and the Yankees are not. Just like last weekend they didn’t pitch. Unlike last weekend, they didn’t hit either. That’s a pretty bad combination.

But the Yankees have to thank Texas and Tampa for falling apart at just the right moment. Texas got swept this weekend as well and they are 1-9 over their last 10. Tampa won 2-of-3, but they have been shaky over the last few weeks. Add it all up and those two clubs are tied for the two wild card spots with four teams, including the Yankees, within 3.5 games  of them.

And now Texas travels to Tampa for a four game set, so one of the two wild card leaders is guaranteed to lose each of the next four nights. The Yankees have three games in Toronto starting Tuesday, so they certainly have a great opportunity to get back into the race. The question is, can this team get off the mat one more time?