Now It Makes Sense

The Yankees have decided to DL Derek Jeter. They have also announced that he will not return even if they make the playoffs. That explains the trade last night for Brendan Ryan.

Now, the Yankees can try and dress this up anyway they choose, but they have two serious problems with Jeter. The first is the $9.5-million player option he holds for 2014. You have to assume he is going to exercise that and that will create the second problem- what do the Yankees do then?

The organization simply cannot plan on him being the shortstop in 2014. Even if Jeter shows up in camp next year in the best shape of his life, the odds are seriously stacked against him playing short next year. Defensively, he has never been good and he is going to turn 40 next season. Odds are he will be terrible at short next year. If he can hit, they can move him to DH, but if he hits like he did this year, the Yankees will have to bench him and think of how that will go over.