The 2014 Schedule

Some people get excited by mundane things. I certainly do when it comes to the MLB schedule. Today, we have the preliminary 2014 schedule to ponder.

Some points of interest.

The season opens in Houston and ends in Boston. Encouragingly, the Yankees play their first six games in domes or warm weather. (Houston and Toronto)

The home opener will be April 7th against Baltimore and the Red Sox come in right after that and the Cubs right after that.

The pitchers better be ready to hit in May because all 10 of the Yankees games in NL parks are that month. They have the four-game subway-split series May 12th-15th and Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Louis that month.

After June 15th, the Yankees have three games west of the Mississippi and those three are in Texas in July.

They play 17 of their final 26 games at home.