Wild Pitch?

I don’t usually take notice of official scoring decisions, but ruling the last pitch of today’s game a wild pitch seems crazy to me. That pitch was down the middle. It was a bit out of the strike zone, but not a hard one to catch. If that’s not a passed ball, I am not sure what one is. Anyway, on to some analysis.

The Yankees saw Mariano blow two saves, gave up more than 8 runs in three-consecutive games and still emerged from the weekend with the same playoff situation they entered it in. Of course my nerves are completely shot and now I have a pretty big football game to watch tonight, but that’s the bottom line.

I have no idea what it will mean next weekend in Fenway and I am not going to worry about it. The Red Sox cleaned our clocks this weekend, but now it is time to worry about Baltimore. The Yankees need to do a lot better over these next four games.