Closer To The Bottom

So the A-Rod saga took a number of additional twists and turns over the weekend and it only got uglier.

First we had A-Rod’s lawyers saying the Yankees covered up his injury last year while Alex played dumb with the press.

Then we had Ryan Dempster throw four times at Alex with the umpires ejecting Joe Girardi.

Finally, we had MLB try to humiliate Alex’s lawyer on TV this morning.

Nobody looks very good here folks, but let’s break it down.

For the injury news, the bottom line is why didn’t Alex file a grievance until this weekend? My suspicion is that Alex’s motivation is to force the Yankees into a corner. They can either keep sending him out there while he takes his shots at the club, or they can swallow and cut him loose paying him a fortune in the process. I imagine Alex thinks that as long as he produces, someone will be happy to give him AB’s in the majors, especially if they can pay him the league minimum. So, maybe he does get suspended for 2014. But if he hits like he has so far in 2013, someone would be willing to take a flier on him in 2015. (Miami?) All he needs is his freedom from the Yankees, which he might get if he keeps this up.

As for Dempster, I have a number of problems with what happened. First, don’t hit A-Rod because he can play while appealing a suspension under the rules that YOUR union negotiated. Change the rules? Second, you sent your message with the first pitch, you don’t need to keep trying until you actually hit him.  As a Yankees’ fan, I was actually pleased by Dempster’s actions because I think they motivated the Yankees, but what are the umpires doing warning both benches after that? I don’t blame Girardi for flipping out, his player got thrown at four times and his pitcher hadn’t done a thing. Very, very strange way to handle that.

Finally, how in the world can MLB send a letter to A-Rod’s lawyer via Matt Lauer? When Alex said MLB was out to get him, I shrugged it off, but if MLB will stoop to trying to play “gotcha” with his lawyer by using a national TV figure, I am not sure Alex is wrong to be paranoid. It was a stupid, stupid PR stunt for an organization that should be smarter.

The race to the bottom continues….