What’s Going To Happen?

I am really curious to see what happens when Alex Rodriguez steps to the plate tonight. I think there could be three different reactions.

1- The St. Louis/San Francisco reception. He gets a standing ovation because fans hate cheaters, but only cheaters on other teams. You have to support your cheater.

2- The every other ballpark in the league reception. He gets booed unmercifully.

3- The LA reaction. The fans haven’t entered the ballpark by the time he steps to the plate, or they don’t really react at all because they are checking out their hair.

I certainly hope it isn’t #1 or #3. And while I would understand #2, I would like to see Yankees fans get creative with expressing their scorn. I would like to see two things happen.

1- In the Top of the First when the roll call happens, I hope the Bleacher Creatures simply skip chanting A-Rod’s name. That would be a neat form of protest.

2- Whenever he comes to hit, I hope all the fans just get up and walk to the concession stands or turn their backs SILENTLY on A-Rod. Can you imagine that? Alex gets introduced and everyone simply ignores him? That would be the perfect reaction in my mind. Save the boos for the next time he comes to the plate.

Whatever happens, I suspect most of us will be watching.