The Appeal Is In

As expected, Alex has appealed his 211 game suspension. Now we wait for the hearing and the decision, but it sounds like we won’t have a final answer until November. That has big implications for the Yankees.

If the decision isn’t handed down until November, any suspension will be applied to the 2014 season (and possibly beyond). With his signing bonus, Alex is slated to make $26-million next year or $160,493.83 per game.

So a 50-game suspension would save the Yankees $8,024,691

A 100-game suspension would save the Yankees $16,049,383

A 150-game suspension would save the Yankees $24,074,074

Or to put it another way.

50 games saves them Derek Jeter’s 2014 salary

100 games saves them Hideki Kuroda’s potential salary

150 games saves them Robinson Cano’s potential salary plus a couple of million for another player.

In the quest to get to $189-million this is all very good news.

Of course the downside is that we have to watch and discuss all of this for another few months.