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That PED thing sure was fun, wasn’t it? Now I am going to focus on the actual team for a little bit.

Since the All-Star Break, the Yankees haven’t won a series. They are 6-10 and the solid starting pitching of the first half has deserted them. It’s a small sample of course, but Yankee starters in the second half have a 4.89 ERA compared to a 3.96 ERA in the first half. Of major concern, three-fifths of the rotation, Sabathia, Hughes and Pettitte all have ERA’s closer to 5 than to 4 for the season and they have been getting worse for awhile now.

The problem is, there are not a lot of alternatives right now. Both Phelps and Pineda are going to see Dr. Ahmad today. Vidal Nuno is on the DL in AAA and the rest of the rotation in Scranton is a mess. In fact between Scranton and Trenton the Yankees have only one pitcher younger than 28, with 10 starts this year, and an ERA under 4. That’s really bad. So the rotation is ” Kuroda and Nova and then it’s ovah.”

A look at the standings paints a grim picture. They are 9-1/2 back from the division and 5 back from the second wild card. Coolstandings puts their playoff odds at 3.4%.  We can certainly expect the offense to improve with Granderson and that other guy back in the lineup, But unless the pitching improves a lot, it’s hard to see how the Yankees get back into the playoff picture.