Somebody Tackle Him!

Somebody please get Alex to stop talking. There has to be someone close to him who can tell him to shut up because he is simply digging the hole bigger and it is already big enough.

The latest from various outlets is that Alex’s comments Friday night pissed off MLB and the Yankees. That’s not a shock. What is surprising is that Alex reportedly went to both MLB and the Yankees today to try and broker settlements. He went to MLB to get his suspension reduced and he went to the Yankees to talk about a settlement on his contract. Both sides have said no way. MLB is reportedly going to suspend him for 214 games, aka the rest of 2013 and all of 2014, Monday.

As for the Yankees, I suspect Alex is going to have to take a substantial cut in salary to get a settlement from the team. Assuming he is suspended for all of 2013 and 2014, the Yankees have plenty of incentive to wait and see what condition he shows up in when he reports in 2015 because they insured his contract. If Alex couldn’t play baseball, or he got hurt while away from the game, the Yankees could collect $48-million of the $60-million they would still owe him from the insurance company. That’s a pretty strong incentive to sit and wait for 2015, but the Yankees are also pragmatic. They certainly realize that A-Rod is not helping their brand and he may be hurting it. Alex clearly doesn’t trust them and he has to know his best bet for any possible return to baseball is not in the fishbowl of New York. A settlement seems like a reasonable solution for both parties.

It’s amazing to think, but the possibility that Alex will never again play for the Yankees seems very real tonight.