Finish This!

MLB needs to put a bow on this whole Biogenisis mess quickly. I understand that it is complicated, but it was stupid to settle with Ryan Braun when they weren’t close to being able to settle with anyone else. It’s all PED’s all the time these days and I think it is hurting the game. Hopefully, Friday will bring a resolution to this.

As for the A-Rod situation, if you want to know what will happen just pick any situation under the sun and you have a decent chance of being right. Clearly, nobody knows what is going to happen and I suspect that includes Alex.

But, if you aren’t totally sick of him, pick up the latest edition of SI. It has a brilliant article by S.L. Price. You can read a bit of it with that link, but you have to buy the issue to read the rest. It’s worth it. I really liked the way he ended it:

Rodriguez’s gift, his unprecedented completeness, was never really his; it’s called a gift for a reason. Sports is a collective of time as well as talent. Six generations of baseball players and fans, billions of dollars worth of stadia and TV time, an infinity of minor and major leaguers working for untold lifetimes-all of it combined to create the game, the numbers, the interest and hothouse environment in which Alex Rodriguez was going to be the best.

People care so much about sports greatness because, deep down, they know that it’s a reflection; something there belongs to them. We have Rodriguez his chance. We urged him not to waste it. Cashman knows, better than anyone: We hate when we make so big a mistake.