This is Getting Crazy

UPDATE I wrote all of this below before I read this tweet  Basically, the doctor Alex went to for a second opinion was reprimanded earlier this year by the NJ Attorney General because of “failing to ensure proper patient treatment involving the proscribing of hormones including steroids…”

It’s an old adage, but it is so true; you can’t buy smarts.

The latest twist in the A-Rod saga is that the Yankees are apparently trying to keep him off the field by claiming he is injured. Never mind the fact that it was ALEX who went to the Yankees Saturday and complained about his quad. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger….

Obviously, I am not buying this one. But i will give you a better conspiracy theory if you want.  I have no proof of this, so read on at your own risk.  The Yankees have asked MLB to take their time with the A-Rod/Biogenisis investigation. Why do I say that? Because every game he is suspended for in 2014 helps them towards their $189 payroll goal.

A-Rod is going to make $26-million in 2014 and could earn an extra $6-million if he hits his 660th home run. Since he is currently only 13 away from that, it seems likely that he might do it in 2014, unless he was suspended for a huge chunk of the season. Based on my understanding of the luxury tax, the $6-million bonus would count against the luxury tax number. And since it is A-Rod’s AAV, not his actual salary that counts, the Yankees could take a luxury tax hit of $33.5 million next year thanks to Alex.

Now if Alex is suspended for a portion of 2014 he loses that salary while suspended and that means it doesn’t count against the luxury tax. He is going to make about $4.3 million per month, so a 100-game suspension handed down at the end of July would save the Yankees around $7-million in luxury tax bills for 2014 (55 games this year plus 45 games next year).  If they can get MLB to hold off until the end of August, they could save around $12-million (27 games this year plus 73 games next year) Plus, he might not hit 13 homers in the remaining 89 games, so he wouldn’t trigger the $6-million bonus.