Ask and you shall receive? The Yankees are reportedly close to acquiring Alfonso Soriano from the Cubs for a “mid-level” prospect. The Cubs will pay a significant portion of the $25 million left on Soriano’s contract.

We will have to wait and see what the final terms of the deal are before judging it, but this clearly shows you how bad things are. CBS ran a story today on the potential trade that contained two numbers that are shocking.

  • Yankee left fielders are hitting .225/.267/.332 this season (OPS+ of 62)
  • Yankee DH’s are hitting .212/.297/.362 this season (OPS+ of 92)

That is atrocious production and that is why the Yankees have to turn to someone like Soriano. He doesn’t play defense well and he certainly doesn’t get on base a lot (.286 OBP). But he still has plenty of power (17 homers) and he hits lefties (.280/.312/.508) something very few Yankees are able to do. Vernon Wells has been solid against lefties, so I imagine Soriano will DH and Wells will play left when the Yankees face LHP. When they face a righty, Wells will become Soriano’s defensive substitution.

This isn’t a trade you ever wanted to see the Yankees make, but it is a reflection of where the team currently stands. The minors don’t have any answers and the fill ins are showing why they are fill ins. Soriano is flawed in many ways, but he is better than what they have.