Is This Smart?

According to multiple sources, Derek Jeter will be back in the Bronx today. He will play either shortstop or DH.

He is coming back after playing only four games and this description from last night’s game makes me wonder just how ready he is for MLB action. In that story he is described as being “off target” with all three of his throws to first. Another report I saw speculated that his lack of ankle strength contributed to his poor throws.

The Yankees need Jeter back, but as we learned last year, Jeter is going to try and play through anything. He is as tough as nails, but he also broke his ankle because of his toughness. The original plan for Jeter’s rehab had him playing in back-to-back games at Scranton before coming back to the Bronx. That has apparently gone out the window and now Jeter will play in a game this afternoon after playing last night.

I don’t know why the Yankees ditched their original plan, but I hope this isn’t a case of Jeter getting what he wants. The Yankees have to protect Jeter’s body from Jeter’s competitiveness. The Yankees simply can’t afford to have him re-injure himself by pushing too hard.