Shortstop Number Five

The Yankees’ injury situation is spiraling from ridiculous to ludicrous. Tonight they will debut their FIFTH shortstop of the season when Luis Cruz takes the field. Cruz is replacing Nix on the roster as Nix has a grade-2 hamstring strain. So, for those of you keeping track, we have had Nunez, Nix, Gonzalez, Brignac and Cruz play short. And with Cano playing an inning there, I guess we have had six shortstops this year! The question is, how many can we have? Jeter returning would be seven. Brent Lillibridge is sitting in AAA, he could be eight….

Ah, this is truly depressing. While I don’t think any team could have adequately prepared for this level of injury, the Yankees didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory this offseason. Cashman’s moves came up aces in April and started missing the mark in May. By June they were jinxed and it would be jejune to expect a reversal in July as August will bring the abyss. (too much?)   I keep waiting for someone to notice that Travis Hafner stopped hitting in April, but nobody seems aware of that. Since Zolio is off to a great start, maybe the Yankees will lose Hafner’s number when Curtis Granderson returns.

To me the Yankees are clearly at a crossroads. They need to make a decision to go out and trade for help, or they should start selling. You can argue for either approach and be right, but maintaing the status quo should not be an option.