I Like It

According to Jack Curry, the Yankees are going to start Lyle Overbay in rightfield tonight. I think that is a very smart move. Sure, Overbay hasn’t played the outfield since he was a minor-leaguer in 2001, but the Yankees need to figure out a way to get his bat into the lineup when they face a righty pitcher and this is it. (Overbay is hitting .286/.328/.540 vs RHP). With Vernon Wells hitting .227/.272/.422 against RHP, the Yankees could construct a platoon situation if Overbay can play the outfield with any level of competency.

In fact, I suspect we are going to see a number of platoons for the Yankees in the upcoming weeks. They could platoon Nix and Brignac at short, Wells and Overbay in the outfield and use David Adams against LHP, shifting either Youkilis or Teixeira to DH in those games. It’s not an ideal situation, but by taking advantage of platoon splits, the Yankees might be able to coax some runs out of their suddenly anemic offense.

But most of all this is a smart move by the Yankees. Overbay has value to this team not only as a hitter, but as protection for an injury to Hafner or Teixeira. After what he has done in two months they couldn’t DFA him, so see if he can play the outfield. If he really can’t then you go ahead and DFA him, but why not try it first?