Can’t They Just Be Bad?

Tonight we have a match-up this very website celebrates.   Should be fun.

Somehow the Red Sox have a 2 game lead on the AL East.  What is most amazing is that the Yankees, despite major injuries, simply won’t go away.  They have so many key players hurt, no other team could survive.  What does it take for them to be crappy?  I’m not asking too much, am I?  If you lose half your payroll due to injury, shouldn’t you be bad?  Or at least mediocre?

As of this post, the following Yankee players are on the DL:

ARod – $28m

Jeter – $17m

Teixeira – $22.5m

Granderson – $15m

Youkilis – $12m

Pettitte – $12m

That’s $107.5m in 2013 salaries on the DL.  Granted Youk and Teixeira are set to return tonight and Pettitte on Monday, but still.  For me, a Red Sox fan, this is so discouraging.   The Red Sox have had relative health and still only have a 2 game lead on New York.

I do take some solace in the fact the Red Sox really weren’t supposed to be competitive in 2013 and playing .600 ball was not at all a reality.  While the season is still young, I must say this Red Sox team has surprised me with their constant fight (5 walk off wins this year so far vs. 3 all of last year) and the collection of great personalities.

That’s all well and great, but even in second place, the Yankees are as maddening as ever to me.  An ever-present thorn in my side.  Serenity now!!!