It’s About To Get Really Crowded

The Yankees should be thrilled to get Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis back tomorrow, but their return will create some roster complications.

The easy move the Yankees can make is to send one of their 13 pitchers down to the minors and activate either Teixeira or Youkilis. I suspect Vidal Nuno is the guy who will go as the Yankees won’t need him to start after tonight and they will want to keep him stretched out in the minors.

But the second move is going to be a tough one. The safest move to make would be to send Adams back to the minors. It’s not a popular move, but with Teixeira and Youkilis back, there isn’t a lot of playing time left for Adams since he can’t play short.

They could avoid demoting Adams by DFA’ing one of Brignac, Hafner or Overbay, but I don’t think that is the way they will go or even should go. Brignac is an easy DFA, but he offers protection at almost every spot in the field. If the Yankees insist on carrying a DH-only guy and two firstbasemen (Tex and Overbay) you need guys like that. Hafner did enough in April that the Yankees will keep him around to see if he gets hot again. Overbay is protection in case Teixeira gets hurt again and he definitely has value as a lefty bat.

What I would like to see the Yankees do is try exchange  Overbay for another productive asset via trade. The Brewers are suffering through Betancourt at first, I wonder if they would be interested in trading Khris Davis? Davis is a terrible outfielder, but he is a righty, has a bit of speed and pop and could help balance the Yankees’ lineup. The Yankees could then send Boesch down for Davis and backup Teixeira by moving Adams to third and Youkilis to first. The thing is, as great as Overbay has been this year, he is really only a good hitter against righties and its hard to see how he gets to play much with Hafner already on the roster.

And while this roster crunch will be interesting, it pales in comparison to the potential one later this summer. Five Yankees are on the 60-day DL besides Teixeira (A-Rod, Jeter, Pineda, Cabral and Cervelli) All of them are expected back before the end of the year, so that means five players have to be traded, released or DFA’ed to get them back on the roster. Stay tuned, change is coming to the Bronx.