Remember This One?

I may be dating myself, but the Yankees-Orioles brawl from 1998 is seared into my memory.

I was actually at Fenway that night with the guy from the other side of the blog. As my memory recalls it, the Red Sox got beat up early and we decided to avail ourselves of one of the finest bars in that area- Jillians. Jillians had the two things guaranteed to suck in a 20-something male- plentiful beer and a huge TV. As I remember it, the TV was actually 16 smaller TV’s that could enlarge a picture to a ridiculous level. (Remember HDTV wasn’t a thing back then.) Being a weeknight with the Red Sox game still ongoing, we had the run of the place and we shot some pool while I got the servers to put the Yankees game on the big TV. (This was quite an accomplishment in 1990’s Boston.)

Watching that video now brings that all back and so much more. Look at Jeter with hair! Look at Andy Pettitte looking like a teenager. How about Joe Girardi mixing it up? Then again, I look at a picture of myself from that same year and realize that time hasn’t been generous to any of us.

1998 was such a special year for Yankees’ fans, but that memory has never left me. Another one is much better though. Back at Fenway, September 9th, 1998, I sat with Andy and the Yankees clinched the AL East. I didn’t leave early that night, in fact I stood on my seat and cheered the greatest team I have ever seen in person.