As The Roster Turns

The Yankees have made a flurry of transactions the last few days and its likely that they won’t stop anytime soon.

Vidal Nuno got sent down and Brett Marshall got called up. Nuno pitched five innings in the doubleheader Monday and they wanted a fresh arm in the bullpen. Plus, they don’t need Nuno to start right now so he is better off staying stretched out in the minors.

Nunez was put on the DL with Alberto Gonzalez, who they acquired from the Cubs two days earlier was recalled. In order to free roster space on the 40-man, Mark Teixeira was moved to the 60-day DL. Gonzalez probably has a future with the team until Youkilis or Nunez is ready to return. Then he will be dumped on the scrap heap.

Brennan Boesch got sent down to the minors and Curtis Granderson got activated from the DL. Unless someone gets hurt, Boesch’s future is in AAA.

David Adams was promoted to the majors and Chris Nelson got DFA’ed. Nelson had a 10-game career with the Yankees and didn’t do much. Adams is a homegrown prospect and will probably stick around until Youkilis is ready to return.

The Yankees sent Joba and Caesar Cabral on minor league rehab assignments which means they will need to be activated in the next 30 days. Joba is reportedly very close to being activated, so expect that move (probably Marshall) imminently. Cabral will have to be on the 25-man roster or returned to the Red Sox. If he pitches well in the minors, the Yankees will have to figure out a way to get him onto the 40-man roster and the 25-man.

But the real crunch is going to come as all of the players on the 60-day DL return from injury and the Yankees have to open spots on the 40-man for each of them. Right now the Yankees have 6 players on the 60-day and five of them are going to be activated when they are ready (Teixeira, Jeter, A-Rod, Cervelli and Pineda) Cabral is the last guy as noted above.

How will the Yankees manage it? Well, Ben Francisco is an easy cut, but he is the only one. As the roster is currently constructed, the Yankees don’t have a lot of good choices. When Teixeira returns the Yankees probably DFA a productive player in Lyle Overbay since its hard to see them carrying a backup first baseman and Travis Hafner. And it only gets harder from there.

Of course there can always be setbacks for injured players and new injuries for healthy players, but if not, things will get very interesting.