Betances to the Pen

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees are moving Dellin Betances to the bullpen. As Sherman notes, the reason for this is that Betances doesn’t have an option next year and must make the big league roster or be exposed to waivers. Since he still can’t control his stuff as a starter (16BB’s in 24IP this year after 99 last year) the Yankees are going to see how his 95-mph pitching works in the bullpen. Maybe they get a reliever, but they wanted so much more.

It’s a good lesson about prospects and their value. You either have to use them or you can lose them in a blink of an eye. After 2011, I don’t think anyone in the Yankees’ organization would have traded either Betances or Banuelos, but not Betances is a reliever and Banuelos is hurt. Jesus Montero has a .609 OPS in Seattle after putting up a .685 one last year. The guy he was traded for is still trying to work his way back from injury. Yankees’ fans will never forget Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps, but today is another reminder of how rarely “Jay Buhners” work out.