Good Idea

The Yankees had Jason Nix working on playing first before the game today. That is an excellent idea.

Consider Lyle Overbay. On the surface, his numbers are pedestrian- .239/.280/.443. But then look at his splits. Versus RHP he has hit .306/.351/.581. Against lefties, he is 2-for-26 with no walks, one extra-base hit and six K’s.

Consider Nix. He has bad numbers overall- .239/.286/.296. But against LHP he has put up a line of .243/.316/.419 in his career.

Put them together and you have a decent platoon. And with Chris Nelson on board, the Yankees can afford to shift Nix over to first and at least see what happens. It’s not a conventional approach, but considering the situation they are in, its the best one they have.