This Is Stupid-UPDATED

I don’t understand what the Yankees are doing with Kevin Youkilis. They rest him for six days, start him on Saturday and then when he misses Sunday’s game they finally send him for a MRI. Why didn’t he get a MRI earlier and why are the Yankees content to play with 24 players and no backup infielder?

Think about this, who is going to play the infield if one of the starters gets hurt during a game? The answer until Friday was probably Francisco Cervelli. The Yankees could move Bosch to first, but if they need someone to cover 2B, SS or 3B, things are going to get very interesting.

There is a quick and fairly painless solution to this. They could promote Corban Joseph. He is on the 40-man roster and he is hitting well in Scranton (.272/.344/.457) and has played at second, third and first in his minor league career. But he is a lefty hitter, something the Yankees don’t particularly need right now.

But that isn’t the only option. Realistically, the guy who is getting cut if the Yankees promote a hitter is Ben Francisco. He hasn’t hit (3-for-29) and he is truly the square peg in the round hole. Let me explain. Francisco is being asked to hit lefties, but he hasn’t done that well during his entire career. In over 1500 AB’s his numbers are .754OPS vs. RHP and .720OPS vs. LHP. So why keep him? Thomas Neal is hitting well in the minors and is a righty bat who could fill Francisco’s role after the Youkilis issue is resolved. David Adams plays third and has played second in the past. He could certainly help the team right now.

Obviously, the Yankees will make a move if Youkilis’ MRI leads to a DL move but they shouldn’t wait. They can’t afford to get caught short.

UPDATE 4/30@5:45PM- Well Youkilis is headed to the DL and Joseph has been recalled. I forgot that since David Adams was released for a few days in March before being signed back by the Yankees, they cannot promote him to the 25-man roster until May 15th. I suspect that and the fact that the Yankees already need to find roster spots for Jeter, A-Rod and Pineda when they come off the 60-day DL are the reason Joseph got the call. Francisco’s spot probably gets saved until Granderson comes back.