It Keeps Getting Worse

The New York Times is reporting that MLB has evidence that Alex Rodriguez bought documents from the PED clinic in Miami that he is said to have used.

I can’t see how buying these documents would be a crime, but it certainly looks very, very bad. What reason would Alex have to buy the documents besides the fact that he didn’t want someone to see his name in them? It certainly looks like a desperate attempt to preserve his credibility and avoid a major suspension from baseball.

Alex has three choices now that this story has broken. He can stand up and deny it, essentially forcing MLB to prove that he did this. He can stay far away from the Yankees and the cameras under the guise of injury rehab and let the fallout from this hit his teammates and anyone else the press can get to. Or, he can stand up and admit to what he has been accused of doing. Does anyone care to bet that he takes option #2?