Early Season Red Sox Observations

Interesting to see that so early in the season there are no undefeated or winless teams left.  Every team 3-1, 2-2, 1-3 or 3-2.

Red Sox observations:

Koji Uehara is awesome.  Not just that he has ridiculous control, but rather when he finishes an inning, he sprints to the dugout and enthusiastically high-fives everyone.  Amazing energy.

Johnny Gomes, when he is in the line-up, you can see he is an all out competitor.  A few years back while he was with Tampa Bay, the Devil Rays and Red Sox had a dust-up and Gomes was first into the fray.  I hated him then for that but I can see he is all about team and now that he is own the Red Sox, it’s great.  He also took issue with Shelley Duncan of the Yankees a few spring trainings ago.  That kind of player is more commonly found in the NHL.  Ken Linesman comes to mind and a more modern version is Brad Marchand.  Perhaps the latter two are more agitators but either way you hate playing against them but love them as teammates.

While this Red Sox edition has far less talent than prior years, they seem to be far more competitive.  Players like Gomes, Victorino, Uehara and Pedroia get dirty and leave it all on the field.  Less complacency.  It is refreshing to see and I think it’ll energize the fan base.  It’s only been 4 games but I’m seeing life and excitement with this squad.  If some of the younger players can develop and if some of the veterans can regain their form, we might just have a low-level playoff team.  That’s a lot of “ifs” I realize.

My original prediction on 82-88 wins stands but you never know.