Stumbling Into Something?

Don’t mistake this post for contentment about the state of the Yankees. I don’t think any fan who takes a hard look at the team can feel great right now. But, I think the anger over the Lyle Overbay signing is obscuring the fact that the Yankees may have improved a lousy situation.

It’s not a pretty solution, but the idea of using Overbay at first against RHP and Nix at 3b against LHP with Youkilis shuttling between the two spots maximizes the Yankees chances to win. Overbay had a pretty solid year with Arizona in 2012 and although the Red Sox cut him loose if he can hit RHP like he did in ’12 he will be a positive addition. Nix can hit lefties a bit, so this three-headed platoon just might work. Besides, what was the real alternative? Would Juan Rivera have been an upgrade? I don’t think so.

The Yankees have done the best they can to cobble together patches for Granderson and Teixeira. Francisco could provide some protection against LHP and Neal is in the minors if he stumbles. Bosch will give them some protection against an injury to Hafner and maybe Wells will be rejuvenated by a move to New York. And, considering all the roster changes over the past two weeks it is very possible that the Yankees have a new face joining the team before the
first pitch on Monday.