Of all the bizarre things that have happened around the Yankees this spring, Brian Cashman talking about coaxing Larry (Chipper to everyone else) Jones out of retirement has to be up there. Here’s an excerpt from the link:

As a fun oddity about this already odd conversation with reporters, Cashman constantly referred to Jones as Larry instead of Chipper. It’s technically correct, but still…

“I’d take Larry in a heartbeat, I think everybody would,” Cashman said. “(But) I think if Larry was interested in playing, the team he’s got there in Atlanta would be the easiest one to come back for.”

First off, Larry? That being said, Chipper certainly had plenty in his bat last year so it isn’t a terrible idea. But, it’s sort of like someone in another organization trying to get Mariano to join them next year. Chipper is retired and Chipper is a Brave. That is that.

The Yankees added Ben Francisco today. Not a bad move, but Francisco is going to have to find the bat he displayed in 2010 and before to be of much use.

Bigger news is the Yankees’ decision to option Austin Romine to AAA. That means that barring an injury, Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart are the catchers who will break camp with the team. And if that is indeed the case, you have to expect Cervelli to get more playing time than Stewart. It’s not a great situation, but if the Yankees didn’t think Romine was ready there were not a lot of other options.

Three weeks until Opening Day.