Two Statements

See if you can spot a difference in two statements made by Yankee players today.

“I carry the legacy of Mr. Jackie for all these years. I try to do my best to wear No. 42 and do it with class and honor. That’s what I’ve been trying my best, to carry the legacy of No. 42.

I will continue doing that until the end. Because of what Mr. Jackie Robinson did for us as minorities was tremendous, giving us an opportunity to come here, opening doors for us. Being the last player to wear No. 42 is a privilege. ” 

Mariano Rivera at his press conference today.

“Mariano Rivera is arguably the greatest closer of all time. But beyond that he is a class act and a great human being. It is an honor to be his teammate and his friend.”

Alex Rodriguez in a statement today.

Some get it, others do not.