So many things happen during camp, I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

If you get a chance to watch John Lackey pitch this spring, you’ll be stunned.  He has lost a ton of weight.  Most players claim to have lost some weight in the off-season, but Lackey truly has.  I’d guess he is at 225 or so down from 255.  Just a guess on my part, but he really has transformed his body.

On the other hand, David Ortiz said he weighs 260, same as last year.  260 seems like a bunch of weight to carry around for a guy coming back from an achilles injury.

Down on the farm, Red Sox minor league Drake Britton was arrest for going 111 mph in a 45 and driving under the influence.  Not good.

Another minor league, Jackie Bradley Jr., has been tearing it up so far hitting .479 with a .525 OBP.  Bradley has little chance of breaking camp with Boston, but he is showing management and fans what to be looking for either later this season or next.

Jon Lester, early in camp, said there was no higher level to achieve for himself as a pitcher in an interview with Rob Bradford from WEEI.  That rubbed many the wrong way especially coming from a guy who threw up a career worst 4.82 ERA in 2012.  A day or so later, Lester’s tone changed completely and started to appear less defensive, you know, less like Josh Beckett.  I’m not sure why the change, but my guess is John Farrell had a talk with him.

Here is his full quote:

What next level is there? That’s the thing that frustrates me. People don’t consider me an ace or don’t consider me a frontline starter…What extra level is there to it? Am I supposed to win 25 games every year? It’s not possible.

How many games did I lose when I gave up three runs or less? I can’t control the outcome of the game. I can only control being healthy every five days and going out there and pitching. That’s what I consider an ace…I don’t know what people want from me for the next level. So I’m not concerned about the next level.

Yikes.  Well, like I said, he has changed his tune and started to talk a more positive game.  These are our 2013 Red Sox.