Not A Shock

I speculated about this last weekend, but apparently Joe Girardi has made it official- Curtis Granderson will play center when he returns from his broken arm. It’s unfortunate because I don’t think Granderson is much of a center fielder anymore.

What surprised me about the article I linked to is the comment from Girardi saying he would play Mesa in center and Gardner in left if Mesa made the team. Mesa is certainly considered a very good defender, but so is Gardner. Maybe it’s simply a case of putting the rookie in the spot that makes him the most comfortable, but it doesn’t thrill me. A 2014 outfield of Gardner-Mesa-Ichiro might hit 30 homers between them. However, Gardner in center and a free agent in left would make a lot more sense.

Then again, Mesa needs to not only win the job in 2013, he needs to win it for 2014. We shall see.