Winning Attitude

With Red Sox Spring Training now underway, two former Red Sox, now in L.A., spoke of their time in Boston.

When asked his impression of Dodgers ownership and management, Adrian Gonzalez said, “From the time I got here, I found out right away the owners would do everything possible to win.  They told us, ‘Play hard and have a good time, and if we don’t get to the playoffs this year, we’re going to make every effort to give you the best team next season.’ And they’ve done that.”

I guess I find the “and if we don’t get to the playoffs” part to be most interesting.  It’s almost like he is looking to publish ownership’s free pass that the playoffs are nice, but not big deal if we don’t make them, we’ll just re-load.

And Carl Crawford had this to say about this time in Boston, “Toughest two years of my career by far.  From the outside you watch guys playing over there, and you think you can go and play, but you realize once you get there it’s a little than you expected.  As for signing his with Boston, did he regret it? “A lot of times I did.  You hear a lot of talk about how I just wanted money, at some point you just wondered if you made the right decision.”

Well, as a Red Sox fan, I cannot be happier that the Red Sox were able to get out from underneath these mega deals.  I know, call me a homer, say it’s sour grapes, but when one of your most expensive players, Crawford, basically says he at times regretted his signing here and that playing here was very difficult, then yeah, ship him out of town.  As for Gonzalez, he is obviously a very talented player, but perhaps doesn’t have the passion or intensity or, whatever you want to call it, to play in a high-pressure market.

Had the Red Sox not moved these two guys, they would have produced at an above replacement level and more, but if you want to go to war (let’s be clear, a baseball war), then I’d prefer players who relish a high intensity environment and ballparks full of baseball crazy fans, not two guys, half committed to the Red Sox.  Whether or not the Red Sox have 25 guys like that ready to go for 2013 remains to be seen, but at least there’s hope.