I thought Brian Cashman had the best quote of the offseason so far when he told a reporter, “There are no games scheduled for tomorrow”. It’s a great point, this isn’t the team the Yankees will put on the field when the season starts.

I can’t get too worked up about the Yankees missing out on Jeff Keppinger or being outbid for Russell Martin. I also think it is silly to say the Yankees won’t spend money when they have offered Kevin Youkilis a $12-million deal. (In fact, this is money I wish they wouldn’t spend.) Remember it wasn’t until almost mid-January 2012 that the Yankees signed Kuroda and traded for Pineda. Up until that point we thought they would have huge holes in their rotation, so patience isn’t a bad idea.

Ownership is awash with cash and while I do believe they want to spend less than $189 million in 2014, I think that is a one time goal. They are going to spend the money they believe they need to in order to win. They have a big stadium with very expensive tickets that they need to fill and a team that loses 90 games isn’t gong to do that.

And here’s the other thing, what move would you have liked the Yankees to make this week? I think almost every Yankees’ fan would agree that Josh Hamilton and Zach Greinke are probably not good fits in the Bronx, so let’s eliminate them. Angel Pagan for $40 million over 4? BJ Upton for $75 million over 5? I know I’m not interested.

It’s funny, but a lot of people are talking out of both sides of their mouth right now, but don’t seem to realize it. You can’t bemoan the A-Rod deal on one hand and then criticize the Yankees for not signing other expensive free agents on the other. Either you want them to take a cautious approach or you have to live with the consequences.

Here’s what I expect will happen over the next month or so. Brian Cashman will pull off a fairly significant trade, this time for a position player. He will probably bring Ichiro or Ibanez back on a one-year deal and find a cheap righthanded outfielder to complement them. He will invite players like Chone Figgins to come to camp and see if they can win a job. And I expect he will ultimately put together a pretty solid team.