Apparently Eric Chavez is on his way to Arizona. He has reportedly agreed to a one-year/$3-million deal. I’m curious as to why the Yankees didn’t retain him considering the money is small and the need at third is currently great. It could be that Chavez, who is from Arizona, simply wanted to go home, but it is curious. While he is certainly an injury risk, he hit righty pitching very well last year (.298/.365/.543 in 274 PA’s) Chavez could have been a very solid half of a platoon to cover for A-Rod until he manages to get back on the field.

I am also confused by the Yankees’ insistence that Eduardo Nunez is a shortstop and only a shortstop. While there is certainly a chance Derek Jeter takes longer to rehab his foot, the fact remains that he is likely to be in the Opening Day lineup while A-Rod certainly won’t be. Why won’t the Yankees look at Nunez as a potential replacement for Alex?

joel Sherman suggested that the Yankees might go after Mark Reynolds to play third at the start of the season and move to DH when Alex returns. It’s an interesting idea. While he is a bad thirdbaseman, you can generally survive with a bad glove at third much better than you can at any other infield spot. He is a righty power bat, something the Yankees are really lacking right now and he takes a lot of pitches. I certainly would prefer seeing what Reynolds can do at age 29 than taking a flier on Kevin Youkilis at age 34.