Carbon Copy Deal

The Red Sox have also sign Shane Victorino to the same deal Mike Napoli received, 3-years, $39mm.

Victorino is a fine player, but not a superstar. I think it is important to look at some crucial things:

1.) The Red Sox probably aren’t going to be very good next year, I’m thinking 85-88 wins if lucky.

2.) They are trying to put a decent product on the field for 2013 with the hopes of “bridging” the gap to 2014 and beyond when players like Jackie Bradley Jr., Bryce Bentz and Zander Bogaerts are ready.

3.) These recent contracts aren’t going to hamstring the Red Sox in terms of future financial flexibility, so if an expensive option comes along, they will still be able to jump at it.

4.) This free agent class just isn’t very good. Yes, Josh Hamilton is a great hitter, but he comes with a boatload of baggage, same with Zach Greinke. Signing Napoli and Victorino might not be considered exciting, but they can play baseball and will probably make this team better than it was in 2012.

All I can hope is that Ben Cherington is laying the foundation for something much better than what we have on the 25-man roster today. My guess is that the Red Sox are still 1-2 years away from beeing a compelling team.