David Ortiz

The Red Sox wrapped up David Ortiz for 2 years at $26mm. That is a big price to pay a player who just hits and is 37 years old. But the Red Sox have the financial flexibility and Ortiz was very productive when healthy past year.

It is a risky signing, especially since Ortiz’s motivation to come to camp in great shape has been greatly diminished seeing as this could be his last deal. Given the lack of free agent alternatives I have no problem with this deal.

There are rumors swirling that the Red Sox might make an offer for Dan Haren. One scenario had the Red Sox swapping bad contracts with the Angels in Vernon Wells for John Lackey with the Red Sox sending whatever else is necessary to pry away Haren.

To echo Peter’s thoughts, all the best to those who got clobbered by Hurricane Sandy. If you haven’t already, please give generously to the Red Cross. www.redcross.org.