The New Skippa

The Red Sox are set to announce that John Farrell will be there next manager. I’m glad the Red Sox did this relatively quickly and now can focus on next season.

The Pros:

– Farrell knows several Red Sox pitchers and hopefully will get guys like Bard and Lester back on track.

– Farrell knows many on the team and in the organization and they know him. Farrell is an intimidating presence and the “inmates running the asylum” should be a thing of the past.

The Cons:

– Pitching coaches aren’t generally considered managerial material. Joe Kerrigan was the last one in Boston and that didn’t turn out so well.

– Farrell’s record with Toronto wasn’t good. Part of that is on the GM and financial strength of the Jays, but some of that has to be on Farrell, right?

– Farrell’s addition doesn’t mean much unless Ben Cherington’s can cobble together far more talent than exists today. It wi be very difficult to make the 2013 Red Sox very competitive unless most free agent signings click and a handful of minor leaguers step up.

A good first step (or second if firing Valentine was step one). Now on to filling out the rest of the 25 man roster.