We Have A Lineup

Joe Girardi is doing the right thing in my mind. He is putting his three fastest players in the lineup and seeing what happens. So, A-Rod, Swisher and Nix go to the bench and we get Chavez, Gardner and Nunez. Here is the whole lineup

Gardner- LF
Teixeira- 1B
Martin- C
Chavez- 3B
Granderson- CF
Nunez- SS

It may not work, but at least the Yankees are trying to shake things up.
On a separate note. Alex Rodriguez is just not a smart guy when it comes to his actions. He consistently shoots himself in the foot and if this latest story is true it is just another example of his tin ear. What I would like to see is the Yankees address it and not sweep it under the rug. We shall see.

Back after the game.