What Is Happening?- UPDATED

So, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about the attendance problems at Yankee Stadium. This is not a new phenomenon. I have had a Saturday ticket plan to the Yankees for a long time and this was the first year that I wasn’t able to resell most of my seats. In fact, apart from the Mets-Yankees game, I lost money on all of the other seats I tried to sell. I assumed this was simply because the “newness” of the stadium had worn off, but now I see that playoff tickets aren’t selling either. If you look at Stub Hub for Game 6, you will find a lot of seats available for a potential Game 6 and a lot of them are well under $100.

My theory is this. It costs $50 to park at Yankee Stadium before you even consider the price of the tickets. With really good HDTV’s costing under $1000 fans just don’t need to go to these games like they did years ago. Sure it is fun to be at the event, but you can have a pretty good time watching it from your couch which saves you a boatload of money and lets you avoid the hassle of getting to and from the game. But I wonder, am I right? Jump into the comments if you have a theory.
I also would like to address Nick Swisher and his feelings. Personally, I never boo my team at a game unless I perceive a lack of hustle on a play. All I can ask of the players is that they try. But, I understand why people boo, and it is their right to express themselves. I think Swisher understands this as well and I get the sense he is trying to lay the groundwork for his free agency. That’s his right as well, but I wish he would focus more on the task at hand than worry about that now.

UPDATE I just received an email about buying World Series tickets. (As a plan holder, I get the opportunity to buy postseason tickets before they are sold to the general public.) In years past I have been allowed to buy two tickets total to the World Series. This year, they are allowing me to buy 12. Obviously, they know they have a problem.