You Can’t Bench Everyone

Let’s start with the gripe everyone will have tomorrow, the umpire definitely blew the call. I don’t understand how he missed it, but he did and it cost the Yankees. BUT, and this is important, don’t forget that it was 1-0 Detroit when that call was missed. The Yankees didn’t score any runs in the game, so you simply cannot blame the umpire for the loss. Obviously, you have to blame the bats.

If you want to parcel out offensive blame, where do you stop? I guess we can exempt Ibanez. Ichiro had a good game yesterday…Texieira has a few hits…um…I think that’s it. And as much attention as A-Rod has gotten for his struggles, how about Cano? He has been truly horrific with the bat.

So, now the Yankees are in a 2-0 hole and have to try and beat Verlander to avoid a 3-0 hole. Personally, I think it is time for a radical makeover. This would be my lineup in Game 3:

Ichiro- LF

If they are going to beat Verlander, they are going to have to manufacture runs. They are going to need to steal bases and take the extra base. So, I say put the three fastest guys they have in the lineup and bunch them together. See what they can do. At this point, what do the Yankees have to lose?