Fact and Fiction

Heard some interesting points on sports radio this morning. I would like to debunk some of them.

#1- Alex Rodriguez is a terrible postseason player.

Fiction- how quickly we forget. Does 2009 ring a bell? Without Alex’s six homers in the postseason, the Yankees don’t win that World Series. His home run in Game 2 of the ALDS tied the game at 3 in the bottom of the ninth. His home run in Game 3, tied the game at 1 in the 7th. His home run in Game 2 of the ALCS tied the game in the bottom of the 11th and his home run in the World Series brought the Yankees to within 1 run down in Game 3. In fact take his entire postseason body of work and he has hit ,268/.377/.475. Not too shabby at all.

#2- Benching A-Rod today would be as bad or worse than hitting him 8th in 2006.

Fiction- That was a completely different player. In 2006, A-Rod was the reigning MVP and had hit 35 home runs in the regular season. Joe Torre usually made smart decisions, but this was one of his worst and really seemed more about embarrassing A-Rod more than anything else. Today, Alex is a completely different player and benching him wouldn’t have anywhere near the sting the 2006 move did.

#3- The Yankees offense is MIA

Fact- They have been terrible and apart from Jeter, Ibanez, Martin and Teixeira, there isn’t much to look at. However, the Orioles have been worse,

#4- The Yankees should bench Curtis Granderson today.

Fiction- This is a tough call. Granderson has been terrible (1-for-16 with 9 K’s) but with a righty on the mound, he should be in the lineup. The only way I bench him is if it is for Gardner. Ibanez can DH, but I do not want him in left for a game that starts in the sunlight. Too much potential for an error.

#5- The Yankees are thinking of starting Derek Lowe in the ALCS.

Fact (I think)- If you stop and think about it, why didn’t Lowe come into that game instead of Phelps? Lowe is the veteran and pitched very well for the Yankees down the stretch. If the Yankees make the ALCS they have the choice of pitching Kuroda on three-days rest in Game 2, or coming up with another starter. My suspicion is that Girardi was thinking about using Lowe for that game. I hope we find out.

Back after the game. It’s amazing to think that these two teams are 11-11 against each other this year. This is one heck of a tiebreaker.