I’ll Take It

Apparently I missed something. When I listen to sports radio in these parts it seems as if the Yankees are on the verge of elimination.

Yes, I get it. There are plenty of things you can complain about from the Yankee point of view. But, the fact remains that they got the split you wanted them to get in Baltimore and now they need to win two-of-three at home.

And while all the focus seems to be on the things the Yankees haven’t done, it is worthwhile to note that Baltimore is hitting .227/.250/.273 in the series. The Yankees have a .350 OBP, which highlights the fact that they haven’t hit in scoring position, but also the fact that they have had plenty of opportunities to do so than Baltimore.

In 1995, the Yankees took a 2-0 lead in the ALDS, only to fall in three-straight games to Seattle on the road. Baltimore doesn’t have that steep of a hill to climb, but don’t underestimate the challenge ahead of them. The Yankees have the advantage, the question is can they take advantage of it?