To The End

Back on July 19th, I cautioned against opening the champagne. Unfortunately, my caution was warranted as the Yankees and Orioles still haven’t decided the AL East. Thanks to last night’s win, the Yankees technically have two games to get the one win they need to win the division, but nobody wants it to go past tonight. (BTW- the Yankees were 0-58 when trailing after 8 before last night.)

Amazingly, we still have a number of scenarios that could play out.

1- The Yankees win. Simple and easy, they are AL East champs and #1 seed in the AL.
2- The Yankees lose. The Orioles lose. Yanks still win the East, but the #1 seed in the AL depends on whether Texas or Oakland wins. If Oakland wins, they are the #1 seed. If Texas wins, the Yankees are the #1 seed.
3- Yankees lose, Orioles win. The Yankees then get on a plane for Baltimore and play in a one-game playoff tomorrow with the loser playing a wild card game against the loser of Oakland-Texas on Friday. Again, Yankees would have homefield in the wildcard game if it was against Texas, but have to travel to Oakland.

So, the Yankees could open their playoffs tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday and do so in Baltimore, Texas, Oakland or Detroit. How’s that for madness?

Back after the game tonight.

UPDATE-6:54PM What can you say about the A’s? And how about Texas to go from that World Series loss to this?

So, Yankees must win if they want #1 seed in the AL. And the amazing thing is that it is all because the A’s swept those four games in July. Give the Yankees one win in that series and they would have won the season series outright.