It’s A Long Slog

The Yankees have won the AL East and have clinched the #1 seed in the AL. In July, tonight’s outcome seemed a foregone conclusion. In late August, this outcome was very much in doubt. There are many different ways to slice it and dice it, but if you look at the entire sample, the Yankees came out on top.

Now, things will get a lot tougher. The Yankees won’t know who they play until the conclusion of the Baltimore-Texas game Friday, but both teams present challenges. Texas may have collapsed down the stretch, but don’t forget that they have won the pennant two years in a row and a win Friday might give them momentum. Baltimore was the team that refused to die all year. I can’t see them being scared at all under the lights of October. And don’t forget that the ALDS starts in either Baltimore or Texas for the Yankees this year with the final three games at Yankee Stadium. That will only make the task ahead harder.

But for now, let’s enjoy this. We’ve seen it so often over the past 17 years that it is easy to forget just how hard it is to do. Congrats Yankees, you have spoiled us once again.