Someone Is Going To Go

The Yankees are going to activate Andy Pettitte from the DL on Tuesday and based on yesterday’s news, they might also be activating Brett Gardner in the near future. Both players are on the 60-day DL, which means that spots on the 40-man roster have to be opened up when they are activated.

The Yankees only have 5 players on the 40-man roster who are not in the majors right now: Betances, Romine, Adams, Joseph and Almonte. I can’t see them exposing any of those guys to waivers, so that means that the 40-man roster cut will be someone currently on the big-league club. Looking at that roster, it seems pretty obvious who the cuts will be.

I would bet that Casey McGehee is the first roster victim. He was obtained for Chad Qualls and has gone 8-for-46 since being acquired. His lack of production led the Yankees to acquire Steve Pearce from the Astros. McGehee is eligible for arbitration and is slightly older than Pearce. He will be the first cut.

The second cut will only happen if Gardner is really able to help, but it seems obvious that Justin Thomas would be the victim. Thomas is a lefty specialist and the Yankees already have two of those on the roster. The only reason he isn’t the first cut is the fact that he offers a bit more value than McGehee at this point.

The Yankees have the opportunity to go 5-games up on the Rays with only 16 to play if they win today. That’s a significant margin and while it doesn’t mean anything in terms of the actual playoff picture, it would virtually eliminate one potential foe.