This Will Be Weird

Tonight will be a weird series in Boston. For starters, today is a terrible anniversary and I am sure the Red Sox will do something to note that. But it will mostly be weird because since we last saw them, the Red Sox stopped being the Red Sox. They traded away three of their biggest names and they are on pace to lose 90 games for the first time since 1966. Things have gotten so bad that Andy has moved to Baltimore so we can reopen this site as next year. (I kid, I kid)

But, I have to imagine that guys like Pedroia, would love to puncture the Yankees’ playoff hopes and with six games left against New York, the Red Sox certainly can. The Yankees have been handed a golden opportunity with the schedule. Of their remaining 22 games, 16 are against the trio of Boston, Toronto and Minnesota. Apart from Cleveland, those are the three worst teams in the AL. And, with Tampa facing Baltimore over the next three nights, the Yankees will be guaranteed to gain ground on one of their closest opponents every night if they win.

It seems strange to say this 140 games into the season, but does anyone really know what to expect out of the Yankees this series? There have been signs of hope, like Granderson having a huge day Sunday, or Joba suddenly turning back the clock. But there are also signs of despair, like watching the club try and hit with runners in scoring position. The Yankees have no excuse not to take two-of-three this week.