Where To Begin?

Last night’s loss bothers me on so many levels that I don’t know where to start with my complaints.

Obviously, the call at first base was terrible, but it wasn’t the reason the Yankees lost. They lost because CC Sabathia did not pitch well. I’m very torn on what I see in Sabathia right now. I can see that his velocity is down. But the numbers provide an interesting counterpoint to that. He is striking out batters at the same rate he did before the All-Star Break, but his walk rate has plummeted. However, his ERA is higher because he has given up more home runs in the 62 innings he has pitched since the break than he did in the 107 before it. Does that combined with the lack of walks mean he isn’t wasting enough pitches and subsequently getting burned? I don’t know, but the Yankees need him to figure it out.

Another thing that really bothered me was Mark Teixeira calling himself out of today’s game last night. I understand he is hurt, I understand he slid into first because he felt something in his calf, but couldn’t he have at least seen how he felt this morning before saying he wasn’t playing? This is crunch time and the Yankees need him. If he can’t play I understand, but try a night of treatment before ruling yourself out.

And why is Jason Nix playing third last night? A-Rod missed six weeks and since he has returned he has DH’ed four times. Nix is 9-for-49 over the last month with two extra base hits. Remember Eduardo Nunez? I’m not sure the Yankees do.

Finally, let me address what happened between Joel Sherman and Joe Girardi. I understand the media is going to protect their guy and they did quickly on Twitter, but let’s not pretend that there isn’t a history between these two. Take a look at this and tell me how you would feel about the author if it was written about you. Sherman’s an excellent baseball writer, but he also wasn’t an innocent victim last night.