Johnny Pesky

Just a quick note about the passing of Johnny Pesky. If ever there was a Mr. Red Sox, it would be Johnny Pesky. Employed by the team for 70 years and working for the Red Sox in just about every thinkable manner, Pesky was engaging, humorous and helped bridge the generation gap for old Red Sox and modern day players.

What struck me about Pesky was just 10 or so years ago, I remember watching him talk in a private function room prior to a Red Sox game. He was energetic and full of enthusiasm for baseball. He never spoke an unkind word and was a fantastic ambassador for the Red Sox and for all of baseball.

As it happens, I’m fortunate to be taking in Bruce Springsteen tonight at Fenway Park. Do you know where my seats are? Right next to Pesky Pole. Farewell Johnny.