CC To The DL Again

CC Sabathia is going on the DL, David Phelps is back in the rotation and Derek Lowe is a Yankee. Just another day in Yankeeland I guess.

Let’s go with CC. Reading between the lines, this seems like a move more about October than right now. The Yankees have a somewhat-comfortable lead in the division and they know they have to have CC right for October. So, they shut him down now for two weeks instead of just skipping his next turn in the rotation.

That puts Phelps into the rotation, but once again the Yankees have let his arm fall out of starting shape. He threw 81 pitches in a start on July 4th, went down to the minors and made a couple of starts and got up to 103 pitches. Then he came back to the Yankees and has thrown no more than 36 pitches since then. No point in crying about it now, but the Yankees should have gotten him more work.

And with Phelps in the rotation they needed a long guy, so enter Derek Lowe. I don’t predict a happy ending to this marriage as Lowe looks like a pitcher who is done as he has more walks than strikeouts. But, I am sure the cost is next to nothing, so why not try it for a week or two? If he gets shelled, they can just release him. In the unlikely event that he doesn’t, the Yankees will be thrilled. The sad part is, turning to Lowe tells you just how decimated the upper ranks of the Yankees’ farm system are. A AAA rotation of Banuelos, Betances, Phelps, Mitchell and Warren at the start of 2012 hasn’t gelled the way they hoped.