Thanks, I Needed That

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling a lot better about the Yankees tonight. Escaping Detroit with a split thanks to back-to-back homers is a huge boost for a club that needed one.

Let’s start with the controversy that got Girardi tossed. Here’s my problem with the entire play. The Yankees argued that Ibanez pulled up because he thought the umpire called it foul. Watching the video, he doesn’t look like he did. But, more to the point, why would he pull up? Even if the ball is foul, he can catch it and record an out.

Next let’s move to an interesting move, putting David Phelps in to face the teeth of the Tigers’ order in the 8th inning. That’s a big vote of confidence and an appropriate one in my opinion.

And finally, let’s talk about Eric Chavez. I wasn’t a big fan of bringing him back, but I was wrong. I didn’t think he could hit, but he has been outstanding putting up a line of .284/.344/.511. Those numbers have been compiled against righties against whom he has hit .304/.368/.556. The most encouraging thing about it has been his line drive rate jumping to 24% from 17% last year and the fact that his BABIP is only .291, meaning luck has very little to do with his numbers. Raul Ibanez has been better than anyone could have expected, but when A-Rod returns, he should be put on the bench and Chavez should be the regular DH against righties.